Build your robot from start to finish

Learn robotics at the basic, advanced, and mastery levels: design, construct, code, and compete with your very own robots.

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How It Works

Roboticscool takes you to your robot building learning journey from the design and building processes to the testing.

You will learn how to personalize your robot from conceptualization and design of robots using Computer Aided Design (CAD).
With your CAD model, you will construct your robot’s structure and mechanisms using 3D printing. You will then assemble the controller, the sensors, and other electronic components.
You will learn how to code your robot to perform autonomous behaviors.
The best way to test your robot is for you to participate in our monthly online competitions and our annual in-person international competitions.

Build your robot arm

Learn Sketchup, 3D printing, Arduino, and Scratch programming to build your robot arm from start to finish.


Build your mobile robot

Learn Rhino CAD, 3D Printing, Arduino/Raspberry Pi, and Python Programming to build your mobile robot from start to finish.


Build your VR-based robot

Learn parametric modelling with Grasshopper, 3D Printing, Arduino/Jetson Nano, and Robot Operating System (ROS) programming to build your VR-based robot from start to finish.

Pick and Place Challenge

Simulate a factory robot picking and placing objects in your desk. Take a video and upload here.

Logistics Robot Challenge

Use your mobile robot to deliver items from your desk to the kitchen. Take a video and upload here.

Marine Biodiversity Challenge

With your VR-based underwater robot, inspect a pond or lake near you and observe the ecosystem. Take a video and upload here.